Those who dare to teach should never cease to learn, John Cotton Dana.

I am always, striving to inspire students to open their minds and see the world beyond the classroom, the places they can go and the great people they can become.

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, my goal is to connect with students on their level and bring their world into the classroom. My current graduate studies have landed me in a Weblogs and Wikis course. While this move was very deliberate, I am slightly nervous to step back in the classroom as an official student. I need to stay focused, and remember this opportunity is helping my professional career two-fold. First, in order to continue teaching college-level literature and writing classes, I needed to add additional graduate level English courses to my transcript. Second, I am fulfilling my personal need to continue learning, which in turn increases my effectiveness as an educator.

The overarching goal is to learn how to use internet tools, like weblogs and wiki-pages, to stay connected with students and parents, while incorporating technology into the curriculum. Furthermore, enhancing the prospectus with tools that engage students in real-world tasks that will ultimately provide students with skills for the world beyond high school.


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