My adventure as a student back in the classroom started-off, believe it or not, with BootCamp. At first, I was rather intimidated by the thought of what could be in store, but as I moved my way through the series of tasks, I grew more confident.

The first part of the process was creating a personal blog through WordPress. I found the process self-explanatory. It was helpful to read the text, WordPress: The Missing Manual, 2nd ed, before starting, even though an internet savvy individual may not need the prereading material.

Looking at the overall layout of the blog, I am thinking I would like to have a small thumbnail of the blog images on the main page with the running list of current posting. As I look through other classmate’s homepages, I like the boxy clean straight lined format.

One thing, I am still working on the three Widgets along the bottom. I would like to hide them until I figure out what I would like across the bottom. I am wondering how my classmates are handling the “work in progress parts” of their pages. Are you hiding stuff until you have it completed? If so, how do you hide it without deleting it?


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