I started the course late and finally worked my way through BootCamp. Now, that I am officially through what would be Week Two of the course, I am struggling to figure out the assignment routine. At this moment, I am still deciding if I like RSS feed. The convenience is nice and integrating it into my Weblog is a great feature. The problem I am encountering is that I wanted to subscribe to the Daybook RSS feed and I cannot figure out how to – I can not find the little RSS icon anywhere on the daybook and Feedly does not have it listed. The second problem, when I do click on an RSS icon my computer only gives me one option to subscribe with “Live Bookmarks.” Currently, reading and hunting for a solution to this!

One big thing that I noticed this week is I find myself focusing on one thing for too long and lo0sing track of time. I need to stay on task without wasting time. I wonder if anyone else finds himself or herself getting lost online with all of the options. I start reading, clicking link after link and reading more and reading more. Soon an hour has passed and I am not sure what I have accomplished. Going to have to figure out how to manage this one!

I have enjoyed looking and reading my fellow classmates’ Weblogs, I am inspired by the creativity and the individuality everyone brings to the course. Thank you.

NOW it is on to the Daybook, to catch up on Blog postings and do a little more reading.


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