Understanding Common WordPress Mistakes: Weblogs and Wikis, Week 3


Thank you, WordPress, for inspiring a week’s worth of journal writing lessons for my 11 and 12 grade Language Arts class based on the posted quote “Battling dragons is easy. It’s stepping in chewing gum that brings me to my knees.”

Weblogs and Wikis readings for the Week of January 24, have us looking closely at the weblog format, design, and layout. As I worked my way through “The Most Common Tiny Mistakes Made When Setting Up a WordPress Site,” I tried to review the Weblog I am creating to make sure that I am avoiding common errors that can discredit the blogs credibility. It is important that bloggers remember that, often times, blogs lose credibility because of simple errors that turn away readers.

For example, spelling and capitalization errors may seem like a futile battle with students and adults alike; however, a blog with multiple spelling and capitalization errors can turn off a potential follower. The letter “I” is an extremely important letter, especially to bloggers who write in first person. When referring to yourself it is essential to capitalize the letter “I.” not only is “I” a proper noun, in this case, “I” is the most important person in the world. That is you! The concept of capitalization and punctuation holds equally true when replying to postings. Many professional bloggers will not approve postings that are riddled with spelling and capitalization errors, or contain factually inaccurate information because this is a reflection on the quality of their weblog. Technology is an amazing thing – believe it or not, there are built-in spelling and grammar checkers that indicate errors that they can easily be fixed with the “right click of a mouse.”

The section, Category and Tag Management, helped me develop a deeper understanding of how to use categories and tags as a tool to help readers navigate the weblog. At the same time, categories and tags help with organizing and maintaining a quality weblog. One error that I made right off the bat, which I cannot figure out how to change, is the capitalization of the tags. According to the blog, tags are a part of a site’s first impression and in general, keep tags all lowercase or title case for a clean tag cloud or list. Note that if a tag name is added as a category first, the tag name will be capitalized. Edit the tag to change the case.”

“The Most Common Tiny Mistakes Made When Setting Up a WordPress Site” has a section labeled EDIT TAGS, which goes through a set-by-set process of how to change capitalization; however, I have been unable to correct this error. One thing I would like to do is clear the drop down box that is automatically created as you add new tags. The first tags I entered are capitalized and when I enter them, again in lower case, it defaults to the first entry of that word with the capital. Only new words that I enter are correct with no capitalization. In the [To edit or delete a tag] section, the step by step directions say to go to Posts > Tags, search or scan for the tag you wish to change, Hover over it and select Edit – this is the point where I get stuck – I do not get the option to Edit.

As I move through the process of building a weblog, it becomes clear that creditability is like our first impression when we meet people. Whether we want to admit it or not “image is everything” and even weblogs need to “dress for success.”



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