Building an interactive Novel Unit Study that uses online social media requires some time up front putting in place a classroom blog and a communication platform.

In our school, each student has an iPad and access to the internet and course material online. Having an interactive novel student that uses social media as a vehicle for assessment only seems natural.

Open social media platforms like Twitter and Snap chat are currently blocked from the school network, and students do not have access to these mediums. Knowing that parents have concerns about internet safety, it is important to incorporate blogging and messaging that is secure and limited to only to those invited to be part of the class.

For a safe and secure classroom blog, the best choice out there is


For safe and secure messaging, that is a modified version of Twitter, one of the best choices is


The next few hours will be spent setting up a Kidblog classroom and Remind class list. At the same time, it is important to build in a couple lesson plans to provide instruction on how to use each social media outlets and have practice posting sessions. That will be coming up next week.


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