“There is nothing better than studying Edgar Allan Poe and seeing the students’ faces light up when they fall for Poe’s intensity and craziness! “

After reading three short stories in small groups of four, students watched and listened to the stories come to life through “Theatre of the Mind Radio Drama.” Students are paying close attention to the unconventional ways sounds were used and made. They will need to incorporate similar techniques when they create their “Tribute to Poe’s Mind” videos.

Twisted Tales of Poe  Aired: 09/19/2013, 58:00 Minutes, Rating: NR

Three mysterious and macabre tales from Edgar Allan Poe form the basis of TWISTED TALES OF POE presented like a live radio-style drama. The three classic stories are “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” and “The Raven.”

Twisted Tales of Poe

http://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/2365191544” target=”_blank”>Twisted Tales of Poe


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