Importance of Reading Aloud to Students of All Grades and Levels: exposure, collaboration, and fluency

“The Read Aloud” has always been an important part of the reading curriculum with middle school students in courses I teach. Reading a book together in class and creating moments that we all have in common, not only strengths students academically, it builds a community of learners that can relate to one another. The only rule is that we only read the book with the class and never read ahead.

When we first start a novel study, students are exposed to the reasons why we read aloud together:

  1. Reading a story and discussing it as you go is fun and exciting!
  2. Creating something in common with your classmates builds future relationships and learning opportunities.
  3. Listening to a story and following along increases comprehension, fluency, and reading level.
  4. Individuals will also see growth in background knowledge as well as vocabulary.

ReadingHorizons has a Blog that features articles and evidence that supports a variety of reading strategies. The May 04, 2012 posting by Angie Stevens The Importance of Reading Aloud to Students of All Grades and Ages provides detailed examples that are directly tied to common core standards and established scientific based evidence for best practice.

Reading Horizons Blog Posting

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