7th Grade Interactive Novel Study

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

The introduction assignment is designed to introduce the students to the classroom blog and provide an opportunity to create background knowledge for the novel study. The Pigman novel takes place in a New York Suburbs and the main characters visit the Bronx Zoo. Students were assigned a username that coincided with an animal that lives in the Bronx Zoo. The images below walk through the first steps the seventh grade completed as they started The Pigman Interactive Novel Study.

Before this individual assignment, The class looked over the classroom blog on the white board. The class reviewed “Welcome to The Pigman Novel Study.”


STOP HERE – each student was given the introduction hand out. The whole reviewed the Pigman Novel Study Introduction to Kidblog and reviewed the sample Gelada Baboon Posting.

Introduction assignmnet Pigman

When introducing a new assignment and technology tool, it is important to provide visual examples and set expectations. Before the students logged into their accounts, they walked through the steps of the assignment together. Exploring the Bronx Zoo and the exhibit for Gelada Baboon. Student volunteer read the Gelada posting and the class checked the posting facts with the information at the Bronx Zoo website. This whole group process set the expectations for independent student work.

During this initial assignment, students demonstrated their ability to use real world skills; search a website for specific information, read a map, determine cost, and translate information.

Bronx Zoo Animals

Sample student response used for the whole class lesson.

Seventh Grade Student Examples






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