7th Grade Interactive Novel Study

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

Life is not always filled with right and wrong answers, life is often filled with challenges that require us to look deeper than the surface, determine what side we agree with, and identify evidence that supports our thoughts and ideas (Kaufenberg).

As we shared the experience of reading “The Pigman” together in class, we created opportunities to share our understanding of the text, characters, setting, and the challenges of teenage life, while covering ELA Common Core Standards.

Main Postings that Facilitated Novel Study and Stimulated in Class Discussion

The PrankSitting in the Graveyard

Relationship 1Relationship 2

Google Forms added to support alternate form of assessment and use of technology

Google Form ExampleGoogle Form Example Responses

Grading made easy with Excel Spreadsheet

Spread Sheet Grading Sample

From the educator standpoint, the Interactive Novel Study increased the efficiency of questioning and targeting standards, while directly engaging students in topics that have direct meaning to their personal interests and challenges of adolescents. The various questions posted in the blog helped facilitate whole class discussion, by allowing students time to think through their ideas and come to class prepared to discuss. Review of student responses clearly identifies student understanding, skills, and abilities, which provides the teacher with the evidence, needed to determine the next steps required for each student to move towards individual academic goals. Using Kidblog as the platform to facilitate interactive assessment not only created ongoing student engagement, it allowed the teacher to monitor and differentiate learning and assessment.


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