8th Grade Interactive Active Novel Study

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

As we shared the journey of Cole in search of his inner self and peace within a world that is full of conflict and anger, we created opportunities to share our understanding of storyline, conflict, theme, symbolism, and the challenges of teenage life, while covering ELA Common Core Standards.

Main Postings that Facilitated Novel Study and Stimulated in Class Discussion

Who is Cole

Making PredictionsFeatherWord Choice

Circle of LIfe

Student Created Final Assignment Postings

After reading the novel, students worked together to complete the final assessments. Each Group was given a specific area, all three areas covered the overarching learning goals of the novel study: (1) self-discovery (2) conflict (3) symbolism. Having students create their own assessments provides them with opportunities to master skills and concepts. Students were given a one hour class period and time outside of class as needed to create an Assignment Posting their peers would reply to as part of the novel final assessments. The blogging comments and an Accelerated Reader reading skills test will be the summative assessment for the Interactive Novel Study.

Final Small Group Blog Project

Story ArchThe Island

Discovering Self.PNG



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