8th Grade Interactive Active Novel Study

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

The final assessment for the Interactive Novel Study was to have the students create the final postings. The students worked in small groups to discuss, verify, and create questions they wanted their peers to answer about the novel as a whole. The verification piece of the process required the small group to determine potential example answers and evidence from the text to answer their own posting. This not only provided a potential sample answer key, the verification process moved the students to ensure that their questions were valid and encouraged critical thinking.

Examples of each small group posting and student comments:

Group 1

The Island

The island 1The Island 2The Island 3The Island 4The Island 5The Island 6The island 7

Group 2

Story Arch

Story Arch 1Story Arch 2Story Arch 3Story Arch 4Story Arch 5Story Arch 6Story Arch 7Story Arch 8

Group 3

Discovering Self

Self Discovery 1Self Discovery 3Self Discovery 4Self Discovery 5Selfdiscovery 2

Final Reflection Interactive Novel Study



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