My name is Jennifer Kaufenberg; I am a Language Arts teacher that specializes in using cooperative learning that enhances the educational process. Our student-centered classroom revolves around reading and writing, supported by self-evaluations and peer feedback. Scientific evidence supports, the belief that we learn more with each other than we do alone.

Several years ago a fellow colleague, who was having her sixth grade students read 40 books a year, inspired me. Immediately, I purchased a copy from Amazon, downloaded the “Book Whisperer,” written by Donalyn Miller, and began a new educational adventure. This book helped me build the courage to set high reading expectations with my seventh and eighth-grade classes. I took a leap of faith, developed an intense rigorous yearly schedule built around reading and writing.

I can proudly say that 90% of the seventh and eighth-grade students at our school read 24 for books independently each school year. The 10% that does not reads above and beyond their capability meeting their individual learning goals.

This blog is a place to share and explore the world of “Middle School Language Arts.” I will share thoughts, ideas, successes and failures, as I evolve as a teacher, parent, and life-long learner.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my space. I hope you are inspired to see the world of education through a new lens and enjoy the wonderful journey through middle school.